Colombian Emerald 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum Setting Ring SOLD OUT


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Deep Green, scarecely seen in this colour from Columbia. A Platinum bezel setting with effluent and intertwining 18 carat Yellow Gold.

Chic in its design and opulent in its intense hue. Aquiesce yourself to the release of memory and moment with a shimmering reminder of your choosing.

  • 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum Ring
  • Solid Crossover ring shank with Platinum Bezel .
  • Ring Size M 
  • Total weight of the ring 2.78 grams
  • Hallmarked ring


  • Bold and Robust Dark Green
  • 3.50 mm Round Facet Cut
  • Genuine Natural Colombian Emerald
  • Platinum Gemstone Setting
  • Stone set in bezel ( platinum rub over setting )


We take all of our own photopgraphs without any editing. We want to provide the most accurate account of the item, to you the customer, so you can make the best decision when choosing your precious piece. 

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