About Us

My name is Manjula and I am a 4th Generation of skilled Jeweller’s from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), I cut gemstones and manufacture Jewellery from our own sourced Gemstones. We know where our gems come and using our on site gemologist we can be certain of their quality.

I was 7 years old when I joined the business, owned by my Grandfather. I went to school as any other 7 year old and I worked in the jewellery workshop after school to earn some extra money. This involved Mining, identifying the different rough gem stones, cutting these gemstones to exacting standardsand then designing and manufacturing exquisite Jewellery. This skill enabled me to supply top quality Gem stones to award winning  Jewellers in Hatton Garden.


Handmade Jewellery From Genuine Natural Gemstones

Ceylon Gems & Jewellery is directed towards design-loving and quality conscious people who are interested in precious, natural and untreated Gemstones. Our selection of gems and jewellery is determined by a modern classic ethic as well as by a high standard of quality.

All the gems sold by Ceylon Gems are tested and a Certification of Gem Identification is issued with every gemstone.

Also we issue certificates valuation and insurance purposes as per the customers request.

Everything at Ceylon gems is handmade with the customer in mind.